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I wrote this track in the aftermath of a break-up. It's all about making the most of the time we have and realising we're so much more than just an isolated individual with an urge to merge.


State of Grace

Make space!
Make space!
Make space!

For a state
Of Grace.

Don’t you know?
Your busy schedule’s just a tool you use.

It keeps you asleep
But it prevents you from deepening
Into the arms of Love.

But the truth is
The door to the house of Goddess
Stands open.
And She is always home;
Just waiting, hoping
That you will make some space

To take a break -
To breathe.
To rest.
From the mindless grind
Of the trapped rat-race
For a face-to-face embrace
With Grace.

So here’s the quest I’m on:
Will you learn Love’s lesson?
Will you pause and listen?
Will you take the chance
And make the choice
For that still, small voice?

Will you make a date with Fate
Before she sighs: “Too late.”
And once again you realise
You’ve missed your chance
For that long, slow dance
With your daemonic dreamgirl.

And once again you realise
- Too late -
Your whole, mad world
Was just a whirl;
A swirl on the surface
Of a future imperfect.

Tense, nervous, a headache.
A fake, half-baked mistake.
And you only awake
-Too late! -
As the lights go out, shouting:

“Wait! I’m not done!
I mean, I had some fun
But surely there was more I could’ve been?”

“I’ve hardly seen a thing;
I’ve been asleep, and dreaming.
And what’s worse -
I’ve been having nightmares!”

“I missed the sunrise
I missed the day
My eyes stayed shut:
I lost my way ...”

And the last, lost rays
Of the setting sun
Sink fast into the Endless West.
Into the edgeless, restless
Ocean of unconsciousness…

There’s so much beauty
So much beauty
- So much!

So how do we let ‘duty’ take up so much time?
It’s a crime…

So make space.
Make space.
Make space now!
For that face-to-face embrace
With Grace.

She’s waiting
Just anticipating
That you’ll call
To hear the Good News:
The Goddess loves you.
And you are All.

And time is not a tool to her.
No, time’s more like a jewel to her;
A ring upon her little finger.
So linger a while
Relax - and smile!
Because Eternity is in love
With us ‘productions of time’

Switch off the phone
Tune in
Turn on
And wake up!

No one will miss you -
They’ve got their own issues:
So many things to do
So many places to go
So many people to see
So many facts to know

So do yourself (and them) a favour
And savour this moment.


Because you never know
When Love’s rose might bloom again.


from Rimes of Passion, released November 28, 2015



all rights reserved


Pen Dragon Glastonbury, Connecticut

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