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My body is a temple
Where, upon an altar in my mind
I sacrifice my joys and woes
In the stead of the bread and wine.
My God is Love, my Goddess too:
My enemies I name – taboo!
And shame and fear and servitude
And all who seek to thwart Man’s Truth.

The wisdom of the ages
Is pulsing in the protoplasm!
In every itch, in every twitch
In every spurt and every spasm
In every breath and beat of heart
Every tiny, trembling part!
Twin serpents entwined endlessly;
Three billion years of history
The key to human destiny
To keep us slaves - or set us free.

Prostrate before the sacred Birch
What need I priest? What need I church?
What need I God’s, or human law
When everything I am is pure?
I need no master, want no slave;
I dance upon religions grave!
My bible is a protean code;
The map to find the motherlode.
To crack the cypher, slay the toad
Then smoke him by a fire slow
And brew the bloody Sacrament
To know God’s Will and testament.

Drink once to Life and once to Love -
Once to toast the Tawny Dove!
Drink once to Friendship, once to Freedom -
Once to honour the Horned Heathen!
Drink once to Strength and once to Sight -
Once to raise the Child of Light!
Then turn the water into wine
And drink again to grow Divine.

At first we laugh and then we weep
First blazing, crazed, then sunk in sleep.
Soaring skyward to tumble like comets;
Pure Fools professing sublimest sonnets.
By turns we shrink then tower, vast,
Like Alice through the looking glass;
Diving down the rabbithole
To find the pot of pixie gold.

To prance upon the pilgrims’ way
To take a Soma holiday!
To rise above the clouds of doubt
And hear the angels’ victory shout!
To ride with them upon the storm
To greet with them the golden dawn
To live, to die, to Be - reborn
As we crystallise our Faerie forms.

To soar on wings of ecstasy
To banish faith with certainty
Of conscious continuity
In blissful immortality
Rejoice in corporeality
Unstained by slave morality.

To taste this fruit first scale the Tree
Then seek the Truth that sets men free;
Slip safely through the dragon’s lair
To step up by the spiral stair
Be seated in the empty chair
And breathe the Holy Mountain’s air.

Then, knowing this realm of rare delight
Let’s realise Earth as Paradise!
And read again these words I write:
Our bodies are our temple where, upon altering our minds
We sacrifice our joys and woes
In the stead of the bread and wine

My God is Love, my Goddess too
My enemy I name - Taboo!
My Eden is right here with uou:
Experience my only Truth.


from Rimes of Passion, released November 28, 2015



all rights reserved


Pen Dragon Glastonbury, Connecticut

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