Rimes of Passion

by Peter Moore (Pen Dragon)

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    This album represents the culmination of many years of travelling, unravelling and opening to inspiration in service to The Great Goddess; The Beloved, of whom we are all lovers, whether we know it or not.
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recorded in 2009 in India, this album contains 13 classic spoken word tracks plus one bonus 'hidden' song and is the perfect accompaniment to the book of the same name, soon to be released.


released November 28, 2015

With thanks to Dominic Sands for sound recording services beyond the call of duty.



all rights reserved


Pen Dragon Glastonbury, Connecticut

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Track Name: State of Grace
State of Grace

Make space!
Make space!
Make space!

For a state
Of Grace.

Don’t you know?
Your busy schedule’s just a tool you use.

It keeps you asleep
But it prevents you from deepening
Into the arms of Love.

But the truth is
The door to the house of Goddess
Stands open.
And She is always home;
Just waiting, hoping
That you will make some space

To take a break -
To breathe.
To rest.
From the mindless grind
Of the trapped rat-race
For a face-to-face embrace
With Grace.

So here’s the quest I’m on:
Will you learn Love’s lesson?
Will you pause and listen?
Will you take the chance
And make the choice
For that still, small voice?

Will you make a date with Fate
Before she sighs: “Too late.”
And once again you realise
You’ve missed your chance
For that long, slow dance
With your daemonic dreamgirl.

And once again you realise
- Too late -
Your whole, mad world
Was just a whirl;
A swirl on the surface
Of a future imperfect.

Tense, nervous, a headache.
A fake, half-baked mistake.
And you only awake
-Too late! -
As the lights go out, shouting:

“Wait! I’m not done!
I mean, I had some fun
But surely there was more I could’ve been?”

“I’ve hardly seen a thing;
I’ve been asleep, and dreaming.
And what’s worse -
I’ve been having nightmares!”

“I missed the sunrise
I missed the day
My eyes stayed shut:
I lost my way ...”

And the last, lost rays
Of the setting sun
Sink fast into the Endless West.
Into the edgeless, restless
Ocean of unconsciousness…

There’s so much beauty
So much beauty
- So much!

So how do we let ‘duty’ take up so much time?
It’s a crime…

So make space.
Make space.
Make space now!
For that face-to-face embrace
With Grace.

She’s waiting
Just anticipating
That you’ll call
To hear the Good News:
The Goddess loves you.
And you are All.

And time is not a tool to her.
No, time’s more like a jewel to her;
A ring upon her little finger.
So linger a while
Relax - and smile!
Because Eternity is in love
With us ‘productions of time’

Switch off the phone
Tune in
Turn on
And wake up!

No one will miss you -
They’ve got their own issues:
So many things to do
So many places to go
So many people to see
So many facts to know

So do yourself (and them) a favour
And savour this moment.


Because you never know
When Love’s rose might bloom again.
Track Name: Bard Medicine
Song For My Secret Lover

Go wild my friends, be free!
You owe no allegiance to Him - nor me!
Let’s run away for a year and a day
Down to the woods where the wolf-children play
And under the moon we’ll make love like the beasts
A rich, rare and raw, red-toothed cannibal feast.

Agents of Free Will - spies for love -
Don’t waste your time walking hand-in-glove
With a weight on your arm like a leaden watch
Mouthing comfortable lies about loves you forgot
While the demons of duty rejoice as you cry
About how you can’t leave - a tear in your eye.

Freedom is now, so just pick up the dagger;
Don’t waste a moment - don’t stumble, don't stagger!
The aim of the ninja is swift and sure
His mind is one-pointed, his Will is pure;
We assassins don’t wait for the sunrise of doom
We finish our work and depart in the gloom.

We don’t ask permission
We don’t give confession
And when love turns to anger?
We don’t wait for depression.

We’re ruthless, we’re real, we’re prepared to succeed;
We know what we want, know our need from our greed.
Know that Freedom is Love and Love feeds the Will
And the flavour of slavery’s life’s bitterest pill.

So give us dry bread and water
No let and no quarter
From the wolves in sheep’s clothing
To the lambs to the slaughter.

We Know and we Will and we Dare to be still;
Our lives need no purpose - we live for the thrill!
See, we are the chosen for we make the choice;
We are the Vision, the Void and the Voice.

And the Power
And the Pleasure
And the Pain
Are all ours:

We make our own movies
In which we are the Stars.
Track Name: Crocodile's Tears
Crocodile’s Tears

A zebra went down to the watering hole
In search of a drink one day
For she had galloped long and hard
On the plains where the wild things play.
Her hooves were tough, her mane was long
Her skin was soft, her muscles strong
Her eyes were as bright as the full moon’s light
At the height of her powers on solstice night.
Her heart was young and full of a fire
That burned with a flame of the purest desire
Her spirit was restless but she feared no pain
For she was the horse that could never be tamed.

But a croc lay in wait by the side of that pool
He was wily and wicked and cunning and cruel
And he watched as the zebra came down to drink
And as he watched and he waited he started to think;
How could he have what could never be tamed
With the go-faster stripes and the dreads in her mane
With the eyes that were bright as the full moon’s light
When the wind shakes the barley on harvest night?
And so he hatched out a plan to appeal to her pride
For he longed for a taste of her velvety hide
And to sink his teeth deep in her hot, silken throat
And to drink of her blood till his senses were soaked.

So he said to the zebra:
“Magnificent Beast!
Will the wonders of the wild world never cease?
Where are you from and what is your name?
Is it true you’re a horse that can never be tamed?
For in all of my roving never have I seen
A nightmare more closely resembling my dreams.
Are you black? are you white? Why you’re really a sight
With your eyes like the moon on a midsummer’s night
With your scent so alluring and your markings so rare -
Will you forgive a poor croc if he can’t help but stare?
And if I sing you a song would you grant me one favour -
A single, sweet kiss for these rude lips to savour?”

Said the zebra:
“Oh sir, I can never be tamed
For I love nothing more than the wind in my mane!
And I’d rather die alone than live life by the rules
Of those commonplace horses - that herd of fools!
I come from the plains where the wild things play
And my name is a secret I’ll not give away.
My nature is paradox - like the moon, dark and light -
If you ignore me I’ll kick you, if you chase I’ll take flight
But I won’t try to stop you if you really must stare
‘Cause I’m a bold horse, I’m a bad horse, I’m a haughty nightmare.
And as for your song, well if you sing I might listen -
But I’m making no pledges when it comes to the kissin’!”

Then the crocodile smiled to himself, but to her he said:
“Very well then, I’ll sing, but first – come closer!
For the song that I sing is a tender refrain
That is not for the ears of those fools on the plain;
Come closer, come closer, let me whisper sweet words
Of the love that drives men and beasts and birds.
Of the Crocodile King and his search for a Queen
And the sorrows that he suffered in pursuit of his dream -
Of the battles that he fought just to stand by her side
And the love that compelled him to risk all for his bride
That beautiful princess - like the moon, dark and light:
Come closer, come closer - have no fear of my bite…”

Now the zebra stood still and a silence descended
As deep and as dark as if time had ended.
But her heart full of fire beat loud in her ears
Both inflamed by desire yet frozen by fear.
For though she had sworn she would never be mastered
Still the crocodile’s song made her long for disaster:
A mad love, a bad love, a look-out-you’ve-been had love
A fierce love, a pure love, a rich, rare and raw love.
And so despite her misgivings of the horny old croc
She took a step closer and she let her head drop
And the crocodile whispered:

“That’s it, my pretty;
have a heart, lend an ear, hear my tale - and take pity!
For my song is a sad one, of all that can go wrong
When lovers love too much, and lose themselves
And in hunting for Heaven, they plunge straight down to Hell.
When their need for each other burns like a hunger
And the reins of their reason can restrain them no longer
And they surrender themselves to the pyres of their passion
To be consumed by the tongues of the saints and to pass on
Out of this sphere of mere mortal obsession
And into the arms of the Spirit’s possession…”

And as he sang on his voice dwindled almost to a hiss
Till the zebra leant so close, he said:
“Now, Lady, my kiss -
For more precious than pearls to a poet’s the fame
Of the favour of the horse that could never be tamed.”

The zebra stood silent, barely breathing at all;
She was spell-struck and held in his terrible thrall.
And those eyes that were bright as the full moon’s light
Were now dim as if sunk in some secret insight.
And she never moved a muscle as the croc glided closer
Till his lips touched her lips and his claws were upon her.
“Oh, Crocodile,” she whispered, “how I fear your embrace!
But your song has undone me - now hear my heart race!
For who would have thought that those lips so rude
Could sing words so sweetly of feelings so true?”
But the crocodile smiled - a wild, snaggle-toothed grin
And roared: “I am your downfall - come on, dive in!”

Then he stretched his jaws wide
And he snapped them tight
On the neck of the horse with the eyes as bright
As the blood on the blade on sacrifice night.
And he sank his teeth deep in her flesh so smooth
And he rolled, and he dragged her down, deep in his pool.

Her hooves were tough, her mane was long
her skin was soft, her muscles strong
But she struggled in vain - and she didn’t struggle long.
And as the darkness closed over, she remembered his words
About the love that drives men and beasts and birds
To the pinnacles of pleasure and the depths of despair
But the crocodile just wept as he slept,
All alone, in his lair.
Track Name: Hail to The Queen
Hail to The Queen

Like moths to a candle we circle the sun
Each orbit connecting us, turning us on
Entranced by desire and drawn to the light
Let passion consume us in furious flight

For death holds no power to dim such attraction
Nor life greater pleasures than love’s satisfaction
As the phoenix we flame at the heart of the helix
Explode into stardust; incandescent, angelic.

Bright as a star burst, beyond second sight
Separation surrenders to the limitless Night
A darkness with twinkles, a silence, supreme
Io! I adore thee, O Heavenly Queen!
Track Name: Horse

In the dark before dawn on the last day of time
In a bar, in a bardo, a horseman drinks wine
Awaiting the sunrise to issue the call:
“Break open the Seals and slaughter them all!”

He was blacker than midnight
Badder than snakebite
Death upon horseback, a gun at his hip
A knife in each hand and a curse on his lips.

But just then Charity smiled from the end of the bar
At her breast a red rose, in her hair seven stars.
She was beautiful, Babalon, Queen of The Night;
She took Death to bed and she showed him The Light.
Seems even old Death is a sucker for Beauty
Cause she’s the lay in the way of ‘The Man’ and his duty.

And the sky in the east flushed from purple to gold
While The Devil still struggled to break Love’s stranglehold.
She said: “Just one more time Lover
I mean what’s all the rush?
Come warm your bones by my burning bush!
There’s plenty of time till the crow of the cock
So come back to bed, Big Boy - and finish the job!”

Then all day she rode him, that tart with the heart
While God waited in vain for the fighting to start.
But the sun rose and set with never a shot fired
While death slept, contented, drained of his ire
And Babalon just smiled to herself as she sang:
“If that’s Armageddon man, roll on the big bang!”
Track Name: Ravensbread

My body is a temple
Where, upon an altar in my mind
I sacrifice my joys and woes
In the stead of the bread and wine.
My God is Love, my Goddess too:
My enemies I name – taboo!
And shame and fear and servitude
And all who seek to thwart Man’s Truth.

The wisdom of the ages
Is pulsing in the protoplasm!
In every itch, in every twitch
In every spurt and every spasm
In every breath and beat of heart
Every tiny, trembling part!
Twin serpents entwined endlessly;
Three billion years of history
The key to human destiny
To keep us slaves - or set us free.

Prostrate before the sacred Birch
What need I priest? What need I church?
What need I God’s, or human law
When everything I am is pure?
I need no master, want no slave;
I dance upon religions grave!
My bible is a protean code;
The map to find the motherlode.
To crack the cypher, slay the toad
Then smoke him by a fire slow
And brew the bloody Sacrament
To know God’s Will and testament.

Drink once to Life and once to Love -
Once to toast the Tawny Dove!
Drink once to Friendship, once to Freedom -
Once to honour the Horned Heathen!
Drink once to Strength and once to Sight -
Once to raise the Child of Light!
Then turn the water into wine
And drink again to grow Divine.

At first we laugh and then we weep
First blazing, crazed, then sunk in sleep.
Soaring skyward to tumble like comets;
Pure Fools professing sublimest sonnets.
By turns we shrink then tower, vast,
Like Alice through the looking glass;
Diving down the rabbithole
To find the pot of pixie gold.

To prance upon the pilgrims’ way
To take a Soma holiday!
To rise above the clouds of doubt
And hear the angels’ victory shout!
To ride with them upon the storm
To greet with them the golden dawn
To live, to die, to Be - reborn
As we crystallise our Faerie forms.

To soar on wings of ecstasy
To banish faith with certainty
Of conscious continuity
In blissful immortality
Rejoice in corporeality
Unstained by slave morality.

To taste this fruit first scale the Tree
Then seek the Truth that sets men free;
Slip safely through the dragon’s lair
To step up by the spiral stair
Be seated in the empty chair
And breathe the Holy Mountain’s air.

Then, knowing this realm of rare delight
Let’s realise Earth as Paradise!
And read again these words I write:
Our bodies are our temple where, upon altering our minds
We sacrifice our joys and woes
In the stead of the bread and wine

My God is Love, my Goddess too
My enemy I name - Taboo!
My Eden is right here with uou:
Experience my only Truth.
Track Name: From Burning Man to the Big Bang
From Burning Man to the Big Bang
America: A Prophet Sees

American Dream

I dreamed a dream - what can it mean?
Of a land restored and a desert greened.
A stream of conscious, scream of birth
Of dancing feet that drummed dry earth
To raise the dust, to wake The Devil
Wolf-angels bustin’ blazing revels
And elves that worked The Masters’ plan
Conceived before the race began
To weave a spell from sun and sand
To raise The Child and burn The Man.

Now from cities far and wide they came
To fuel that fire and fan those flames;
The dusty kings and dancing queens -
Strange satyrs spawned from drunken dreams.
Ecstatic fools and dirty dancers
Wildcat cruisers and changeling chancers
Walking naked at noon, unashamed, unafraid
Riding bareback at midnight on bikes built for pain.

Drinking cocktails at dawn and dropping acid for lunch
Getting weak at the knees from the sucker’s punch;
A mushroom-metropolis that springs up overnight
A hedonist’s playground, dust devil’s delight.
A birthplace for some and a graveyard for others
An erotic, chaotic collision of lovers
Razing Rome in a day - the American way!
Make your way to The Playa, folks
And if you can, get waylaid!

Now a pirate ship slips past a half-buried head
In an alien landscape on an ancient lake bed
As an Amazon princess in lace lingerie
Glides by in a limousine, leering at me.
In the distance a jet engine roars into life
Slashing open the sky like a neon-blue knife
As a flame-throwing wrecking ball swings through the air
And I remember the sign on the gates: “ Beware!”
‘Cause the American Dream is still kickin’ out there!

For a week all the freaks meet to strive for the peak
They get too crazy to care and too spangled to speak.
Making love, making music, finding new ways to lose it;
A spontaneous combustion of consumer culture
A rose-scented circus of vagrants and vultures
Living their dream of a Conscious Community:
Liberty! Laughter! Diversity! Unity!
Coming together to make Love through Art -
Getting out of our minds to get into our hearts.

American Nightmare

But I wonder can you burn the man within
When the fire’s gone cold and the times grow thin?
When the oceans roar and the mountains shake
When the sidewalk shudders and the Twin Towers quake.

When the oil’s run dry and the president’s fled
When you’ve got both barrels pressed hard to your head
When your little girl’s dying for a glass of fresh water
But you’re still fighting with an enemy who offers no quarter.

When the police are on the street
And the state is in emergency
And failure to capitulate turns your protest to insurgency;
When your tax dollar’s paying for the bullet in the gun
And the wages of the kid paid to point it at your son.

When you’re wondering what happened
To your ‘Freedom and Democracy’
And how the planet got jacked by a corporate autocracy:
When Wall Street’s crashed and the bank’s gone bust
And it’s you who’s paying for your leader’s lost trust.

When the guy who planned the war
Takes the bids for reconstruction
And genocide’s a business plan
For boosting mass production.
When you’re wondering:
“What happened to those weapons of destruction?”
You’ll see the Dubya MD’s in the land of the free:
A mad dog barking up the wrong gun tree.

There’s Nazis in the White House
Condoleeza Rice House
Something here ain't right house!
Victory for ze Vice-Haus.

Working for the Cheney gang
Waiting for the big bang
Blame it on the black man
Then we’ll bomb Iraq, man!

Fascist fundamentalists, ruling with an iron fist
Stumbling through a red mist
Crossing off their shit lists.
Armchair general George Bush
Calling for The Big Push:
“Sacrifice your kids for me!
Vote away your liberty!”

One election robbed, next one rigged:
So how much longer till the fat-and-happy twig
That the whole world’s fallen
For the Dixie gypsy-switch?

And your ‘freedom and democracy’s a double-talk hypocrisy:
A criminal conspiracy, fighting for a fantasy.
Microchipped monkeys, Illuminati flunkies
Fossil fuel junkies, pimpin’ for ‘The Company’.

“Let’s rid the world of evildoers!
We’ll crawl with them into the sewers!
We’ll torture them to teach them
How civilised we are
And how we value human life -
Just not as much as motor cars!”

Safe within our SUVs
Armoured from reality
Working on our heart disease
And praying:
“Jesus, save us please!”

“Supersize us Santa Claus!
Supersize us, Mammon’s whores!
Supersize us with more sugar!
Bless us with a fuller figure!
Supersize us - watch us grow!
Supersize us - best in show!
Supersize us - make us great!”

A planet served, steaming
On a Styrofoam plate.

American Prayer

The best of worlds - and the worst of worlds -
Creators and destroyers of worlds.
From California dreaming
To New Orleans drowning
The stars and stripes are streaming -
That dream sure took a pounding!

Uncle Sam in Vietnam
Afghanistan, Iraq - Iran?
On the take in every land
Greenbacks clutched in bloody hands;
The Neo Con policeman
Is hatching out his pension plan.

It’s the ‘New World Order’ - same old crap! -
False-flag ops and honeytraps.
'War on terror’? - War on thought! -
Just buy the bullshit that you’re taught!

“Now, the world was made in just six days
And Jesus never died for gays.
See, God is love - but love’s a crime:
Bread is meat and blood is wine.”

“War brings peace and jails bring freedom;
All who disagree are heathens.
Sure, presidents lie - but patriots believe ‘em -
So toe the line, boy - don’t ask the reason!”

Wake up folks, it’s time to dance:
The human race has one more chance
To rip the needle from the vein -
Let’s ditch the oil and dream again!

So kick the habit and sack the priest:
The Truth alone brings true release!
Then make your pledge and take your stand:
Let’s stake our place in the Promised Land.

Sure, the Founding Fathers fought for independence
But now the sons of those fathers
Must teach transcendence:
This boat is afloat on an ocean of light
And there’s enough for us all -
With no need for a fight.

So petition the Prince with the peacock-eye
To banish the fear and be free of the lie;
Ours is not to do and die -
Ours must be to question: “Why?”

It seems Einstein was wrong; God does play dice
But faith without reason’s a fool’s paradise.
The power of Magick is the seed of all life
So feed what feeds you - and forget the hype.

Step out of the box and stare at the sky:
Let the light of the stars strip the scales from your eyes.
Then breathe into your heart and breathe out to Infinity:
Know that Heaven, on Earth, in that heart’s
The True Trinity.

Three into One, One into Three:
The raindrop returns to the Sea of Tranquillity.
Then recharged and renewed
Drifting down through the blue
It comes to rest on the ground
A diaphanous dew ...

And so I dream my dream
(And by now you know what I mean)
Of that land restored and that desert greened.
A stream of conscience, scream of birth
Of dancing feet that drum dry earth
To raise the dust, to wake The Devil;
Wolf-Angels busting blazing revels
And elves that work that master plan
Conceived before the wars began:
To weave a spell from sun and sand
To raise The Child
And burn The Man.
Track Name: Nadiana

In the name of Pan I exalt thee
Nadiana my virgin bride!
For the light of thy beauty assaults me
Like the flood of the full moon tide.

I desire to eat you like oysters
With the scent of the sea in the air
To cover your body with kisses
And thrill to your hands in my hair.

Oh I’d like to woo you like birds do
With beauty and balance and grace.
Then take you and break you and make you
A queen on the throne of my face.

How I long for the taste of your kisses
And the brush of your thighs on my skin;
To hear your heart beat as it misses
And I dip and I dive within.

Gentle at first we’ll be moving
Building a bonfire of love
Dancing in Venus’ garden
United below and above.

And as the pyre burns higher, a heavenly fire
That kindles the joy of the gods
With abandon we’ll join in creation:
Shakti’s chalice and Shiva’s rod!

Awaken, O slumbering serpent!
Penetrate to the womb of the night!
Ascend through the veils of illusion
And explode into soft delight!

A fountain of fornification
Dissolving in ecstatic bliss
Two, into one, into None, into All:
Only Love can span the Abyss
Track Name: Adamspeak
Adam Speak

Come pilgrims now upon The Path
And heed these words, this hollow laugh;
If you should seek the Living Truth
Then shun the cursed temple’s roof
And should you meet the Buddha on your way
Cut him down and to him say:

“For Spirit seek instead the tavern
The mountain bare, the lonely cavern.
The vaulted spires of the wildwood green
The music of the crystal stream
The laughter of the nymphs and fawns
Innocent, playful as naked newborns
Offering honey and mystic wine
As sacraments to the Flesh Divine”

I’ve circled the globe from East to West
In search of a Truth that passes this test:
Does it bring friendship?
Does it bring freedom?
Does it bring joy with no need for a reason?
Does it bring wholeness
And does it breed strength?
Does it dispose with dispassion
All ideas of non-sense?

From north to south, from Pole to Pole
I quested in vain for the seat of my soul
Kneeling in temples and prostrate in stupas
Praying in churches and poring through sutras
Yet everywhere I’ve been the folk
Still toil beneath oppression’s yoke;
Beasts of burden for the cunning few
For whom all is permitted, yet nothing is true.

From the tooth of the Buddha, rotting in Kandy
To the Dome of the Rock and the loincloth of Gandhi
Fools worship the finger and miss the moon
Praying to prophets and begging for boons
While their black shirted masters preach sermons of war
About the spiritual value of being hungry and poor.

From their ivory towers the old, cold and sour
Wail the refrains of their paeans to power;
Dividing to rule - within, without -
Casting a pall of darkness and doubt
As they lay all their curses on life’s greatest treasures
An invisible worm that corrupts all love’s pleasures.

Dividing the spirit against the flesh
Damming the stream and stifling the breath
Dividing the Christian against the Jew
Hindu and Moslem and Buddhist too.
Dividing the left against the right
Condemning the dark and exalting the light;
Dividing the people to cling onto power
Tarmaccing Eden and crushing love’s flower.

But I say that these devils shall never prevail
If we quest without rest and refuse to fail
So wake up you dreamers and heed the call
From the All-in-One to the One-in-All:
Knowledge is power - so know your Self
That Knowledge is nothing without love’s wealth.
Knowledge must lead to the bliss of Unknowing;
Knowledge needs Wisdom to keep it’s blood flowing
And growing in knowing we know more and more
How little we know: we can never be sure.

Sure belief is a means towards a great end
Yet belief is a curse we at last must transcend.
Belief is a bubble just waiting to burst
A lover’s delusion, a rabid man’s thirst
The shell of the egg we must constantly crack
Hatching anew to find our way back
To the source of the spring on the mountain’s peak
Too blissful to think and too awestruck to speak.

Eternal, infernal unquenchable flame!
Silence Supernal! Love With No Name!
I am that I am - Sovereign, Sole -
A star in the heart of the heavenly Whole
Existing alone by the grace of The Void
Through whom all form is born
In whom all is destroyed.

All-Father! All-Mother!
Thou Two-in-None!
You are my Source and I am your Son!
ShaktiShiva in Union:
Am You

And that
Is the one thing
That I know
That is True.
Track Name: Negative Positive

No Faith
No Truth
No Master
No Student.

Only Desire
Earnest enquiry
Heart flung wide
Open to Love.

I am that I am:

Nothing special
Just unique
And perfect.